Web Applications

Believe it or not, you use web applications every day. Programs that reside on remote servers and delivered over the internet = web applications. Sites like Facebook and Twitter to Google and Dropbox. Web Applications are developed¬†for a lot of reasons –


    • Scailibility and Reliability : It is very easy to allocate more resources to the hardware your application runs on, if needed. You can juice up the server with just a few clicks, which isn’t even comparable to the old school way of upgrading a server. The average up-time on these servers are around 99% – the same, if not better than, in-house hardware.


    • Integration : Integrating two in-house systems has typically been a developer & IT team nightmare. Now-a-days web applications can talk to each other using an API – which is a standard tool for all web applications to have, for that very reason, talking to each other. Data can be transmitted one way or both.


    • Control : In-house software and applications are known to be heavily underutilized. Only a small portion of the entire software package is ever used. Why pay for it if you’re not going to use it all? This is where web applications shine by only developing what you need and nothing extra. This saves a bunch of time and money for everyone

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of tools used for software development. It provides the building blocks for developing a program. Usually a set of protocols and routines.


How would an API benefit you? You can use an API to tap into existing web infrastructure. Google Maps for location services, Stripe for web based payments, Amazon S3 for data storage, the list of resources is endless.


A private API can be built to extend internal resources into other applications and would never reach the world wide web. If your business has two applications that need to communicate, an API would make this happen most efficiently.

We are certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions architects and developers. The AWS platform is the best cloud solution on the internet, in our opinion. It gives IT professionals and developers access to a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure in the cloud. AWS currently powers hundreds of thousands of businesses across 190 countries. Their data-centers are in nearly every continent. Being certified in this platform just means that we know how to get the most use out of it = more bang for your buck + top notch service.


Streamline manufacturing with a custom built ERP system tailored specifically to your business


Give your customers a first-class business experience by knowing their needs with CRM

Event Ticketing

High availability ticketing software for popular events means no more website crashes


Automate your specific business processes = save time and money in the long run

Web Portals

Allow customers and employees to get information in a self-service manner

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