Database Management

Database administration is in our blood. We’ve been doing it since high-school. After 10 years in the IT world, we’ve made a simple realization : a high percentage of businesses are not effectively managing their precious databases. Some of the Database Management┬áservices we offer are :


  • Installation, configuration, and upgrading of Database software
  • Evaluation of database and database features
  • Backup and recovery
  • Database security – maintenance of users, roles, and permissions
  • Performance monitoring and analytics
  • 24/7 support

Data migration is the process of transferring data between storage devices. This is a programmatic and automated task to free up human interaction – it’s a timely process. What’s the point though? Migration is needed for a lot of reasons, primarily for : equipment replacements (needing more hard drive space), maintenance, upgrades, consolidation, or relocation. We can handle the entire process for you


Cloud computing is the future. Providing shared computer processing resources and data to computers, as an on-demand service. Resources can be rapidly provisioned and released with little human effort and, in some cases, on a programmatic basis. All of these practices can be applied to databases too – through privately shared data-centers or even in-house data-centers. Amazon Web Services is the leader in this technology, in our opinion. AWS offers 70 different cloud base services to businesses and enterprises. Their resources operate from 16 different geographic regions across the world. We’re your people for Cloud computing.


mySQL is the web's most popular database engine. Perfect for websites and basic applications


Amazon's Aurora is a relational database engine that combines speed with cost effectiveness


Maria DB is an open-source database server that turns data into structured information

Mongo DB

Mongo DB is an open source, cross platform, document orientated database program. Exciting!

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL is a staple database engine. Primarily used by businesses with in-house infrastructure

And more!

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