Hello, World

Hello, Good Method

Hello, World

A “Hello, World!” program is a computer program that outputs or displays “Hello, World!” to the user. Being a very simple program in most programming languages, it is often used to illustrate the basic syntax of a programming language for a working program. It is often the very first program people write when they are new to the language.

Good Method is a collective of friends (+ a husband and wife duo) that each specialize in their own area of expertise. We’ve been working together as an in-house web-design & development team for a larger northern Michigan company. Here is where we realized that we enjoy working with each-other and could offer our services to other like-minded businesses in the area.


I think we stand out from the other firms or agencies in the area because we’re not that. We’re not an “agency” or a “design firm”. We genuinely care about every project we take on – no matter the complexity or size. Each of us really, really, really enjoys what we do. We’re never sick of it, even when we’re physically sick.


This is our “Hello, World” post. The first of many to come. Our blog will (hopefully) be a decent repository of web-based knowledge. Product updates, bug reports, reviews, news, and everything that we think is interesting. We’re fans of the Traverse City food and drink scene, tech news, design, newly released movies and music, craft beers, cheese, puppies… you get it.


So, here’s to many more posts and baseball finally being back for the year! Feel free to hit us up if you’d like to chat!